Chapter 1: I Stepped on a Rusty Nail at Durty Joe's Drinkhole (and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt)
The next entry in the RiotVerse is upon us...

December 2022

...and an interview with Nock's Nicolas Santos
Pre-orders for Nock #1 launch January 3rd

November 2022

Six covers make up the base set for our direct market debut!
Claim your spot on our 2022 Christmas card list!
Small comics press will feature five titles in first year
...but here's a little teaser!

September 2022

Over the past several weeks, I've been working on revamping the Lunchroom Riot website and it delights me to say the new site is officially LIVE! It's…

May 2022

This past week has been crazy busy for the Moonspawn Kickstarter! Like we've done better numbers in the past seven days than at launch, a welcome…

April 2022

What's going on Rioters? We're officially in the final stretch for the Kickstarter campaign on Moonspawn and the Defenders of the Dark #0. With 14 days…
Hey friendos -- quick update on where we're at with the Kickstarter campaign for Moonspawn and the Defenders of the Dark #0. With 19 days left, we're…